HCAO Committees

The committees of Health Care for All Oregon invite you to join in setting the direction of the movement by participating in a Committee. We are very interested in increasing representation from all regions of the state on all committees.

Meetings are often held by conference or video conference call. If you wish to serve on a committees, please contact a Committee Chair listed below or complete the Volunteer Form.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee:

  • Raises awareness of our HCAO mission and campaign through a variety of media

  • Develops messaging and marketing strategies to advance our purpose with focus on:

    • Health care is a human right (moral argument)

    • Health care is a public good (civic argument)

    • Universal publicly-funded health care is good for the economy (economic argument)

Mary Closson, Chair

Equity Committee

The purpose of the HCAO Health Equity Committee is to increase public awareness and eliminate cultural barriers by educating communities and health providers about cultural health inequity and how it negatively impacts the public, individuals, and families health status, especially among people of color and immigrant populations. We will achieve this purpose by:

  • Conducting culturally specific health equity workshops.

  • Performing statewide quarterly presentations on health inequity outcomes.

  • Promoting legislative advocacy via HCAO principles of equity.

  • Attending conventions/symposiums on locally held health equity events.

  • Conducting health equity workshop training sessions.

  • Establishing partnership with HCAO’s culturally specific coalitions and community-based organizations.

Keara Rodela, Chair

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee:

  • Develops and proposes the annual budget,

  • Develops a fundraising plan and oversees its implementation,

  • Coordinates and consults with other committees, as needed.

Anyone interested in serving on the Finance Committee

Tom Sincic, HCAO President

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is responsible for formulating legislation and legislative strategy to secure publicly-funded health care for everyone in Oregon and ultimately the United States.  The committee works with the HCAO Board and all internal committees to coordinate with our member organizations, including HCAO chapters, throughout the state to develop effective campaigns to carry out the legislative strategy, both in the legislature and through citizen legislation in the form of resolutions, ballot referrals, or initiatives.

The Legislative Committee:

  • Creates a legislative plan to create constituent and public pressure across districts in the state,

  • Supports internal and external understanding of legislative strategies and campaigns,

  • Formulates HCAO responses to relevant policy debates, in Oregon and nationally, so that HCAO deepens internal and public understanding with clear and effective messages, and

  • Politically unifies the HCAO Coalition and all its members to change laws in order to create a publicly-funded health care system that is universally inclusive, equitable, accountable, transparent, participatory, and for the public good.

Nadine Sandbo, Chair, HCAO

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee:

  • Recruits new organizations into HCAO,

  • Provides support to member organizations,

  • Assesses the capacity of member organizations,

  • Acts as a liaison between member organizations and other committees,

Lou Sinniger, Chair

Mobilization Committee

The Mobilization Committee is responsible for developing the strategies, tools, and resources needed to engage, educate, and mobilize Oregonians in our Health Care is a Human Right movement.

The Mobilization Committee:

  • Develops proposals for actions and projects to build the power of our grassroots base

  • Identifies, trains and supports leaders statewide

  • Supports development of new and existing chapters

  • Coordinates communication between chapters

  • Coordinate volunteer recruitment and placement

  • Coordinates Tabling activities

Lee Mercer, Chair

Nominations and Elections Committee

The Nominations and Elections Committee (as defined in the HCAO bylaws):

  • Conducts extensive recruitment process among member organizations,

  • Proposes nominees for officer, board and Nominations and Election committee members,

  • Administers elections.

Wes Brain, Contact