HCAO House Parties

Contact the HCAO State House Party Coordinator for Help or Questions:
Karen Baker, Mobilization Committee
Email: hcaoclackamascounty@gmail.com
Phone: 503-789-9925


HCAO House Parties advance the mission and work by growing our grassroots movement by:

  1. Building Relationships
  2. Increasing Awareness of the mission and work of HCAO
  3. Mobilizing house party guests to take action.  Increase supporters and volunteers
  4. Raising Funds for HCAO and your local group. Success of the movement depends on adequate funding for staff, materials and events.


A HCAO house party is an event hosted by anyone who supports HCAO’s mission and would like to share that mission with others in an effort to promote awareness and/or involvement. You may want to form a host committee to help with your house party.  The person and/or committee invites friends, neighbors and people in your community circle – anyone you know. HCAO may be able to provide a speaker and donation.


A house party doesn’t have to be at a house. It can be held anywhere - a church, a school, a restaurant, a park, or any quiet space where people can gather for discussion.


The host sets the date and time and location.


We want to make it as easy as possible for you to share information about HCAO and get people involved:

  1. An invitation: Selected guests receive an invitation to come to the party
  2. Food and Drink: Participants arrive and are served some refreshments
  3. Program: Participants participate in hearing a brief presentation, lecture, video or game.
  4. Pitch (Ask): The host or someone who is articulate, enthusiastic and respected by the guests will make the pitch. This person has either made a donation or will make a donation at the event. The person asks everyone present to make a donation, become a member, and complete the Statement of Support. Please see Ask Samples.

After the House Party

  1. Follow up with your guests within 3 days to thank them for coming. 
  2. Send your Statements of Support and HCAO Involvement Opportunity forms to the HCAO office so they can be entered into our database.
  3. If you have sold shirts, pens or bumper stickers, or collected donations, write a check to HCAO for the cash donations received so that you won’t have to mail cash.
  4. Complete a house party feedback and send to the HCAO Statewide House party coordinator, Karen Baker at hcaoclackamascounty@gmail.com.
  5. Post photos to HCAO Facebook page and host’s social media page. Tag attendees and HCAO.