Local Resolutions

Advocate for Local Resolutions in Your City or County

“Advocate for Local Resolutions” Model Template (Reviewed by Public Citizen)

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City of Albany - On June 12, 2019, the Albany City Council voted to support passage of Senate Bill 770 in the 2019 session and take other steps to move towards the goal of equitable, affordable, and high-quality health care for all Oregon residents.

City of Ashland – In the November 2016 election, 87% of Ashland voters said yes to Measure 15-154: “Shall Ashland voters encourage the 2017 Oregon Legislature to design an improved comprehensive health care system for Oregon?”

City of Corvallis – In the November 2016 election, 75% of Corvallis voters said yes to Measure 2-95: “Shall the Oregon legislature, through a public process, develop a health care system that serves all Oregonians?”

Episcopal Diocese – In November 2017, the 129th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon passed Resolution I: Urging Support for Universal Single Payer Health Care in Oregon. The Resolution endorses and urges passage of a state law, through either the legislative or the initiative process, to establish a universal health care system that would provide health care coverage for all people working or residing in Oregon. More information.

City of Eugene – In April 2017, Eugene passed 6 to 1 a resolution that “The Eugene City Council urges the Oregon legislature, in the 2017 session, to create a transparent public process to design a healthcare system that provides timely access to comprehensive health care for all Oregon residents with equitable access, ensures choice of providers, has effective cost controls, and has a focus on preventative care."

City of La Grande – In Feb 2018, La Grande City Council passed a resolution urging the Oregon Legislature to create a publicly-funded health care system serving everyone in Oregon.

City of Milwaukie – October 3, 2017, Mark Gamba, Mayor of Milwaukie, wrote that "I'm proud to let you know that Milwaukie City Council unanimously passed a strong resolution supporting universal health care.The City of Milwaukie urges the Governor and the Oregon State Legislature to provide equitable, comprehensive, affordable, high quality, publicly funded, universal health care coverage serving everyone in Oregon, in a manner that is transparent and accountable, involves meaningful public participation, and is affordable to families, businesses, and society.

Multnomah County - February, 2018, Resolution in Support of Legislative Action to Achieve Universal Health Care Access

City of Portland – In October 2016 the Portland city commissioners unanimously passed a resolution saying, “The Portland City Council encourages the Oregon Legislature to create a transparent public process for designing a system of affordable health care for families, businesses, and society.”

City of Silverton – In March 2017, the City Council passed Measure 17-15 urging the Oregon legislature, in the 2019 session to refer to the voters a measure creating an equitable, comprehensive, affordable, high quality, publicly funded health care system serving everyone in Oregon. The system should be transparent and accountable, involve meaningful public participation, and be affordable for families, businesses, and society.

City of Talent – In March 2017, a resolution to support cost-effective high quality health care for all Oregonians.

Oregon State Grange — In June 2019, the Oregon State Grange adopted a resolution to support “Evidence-Based Efforts to Provide Health Care to all Oregon Residents.”

United Church of Christ - In September 2018, the Central Pacific Conference United Church of Christ passed a resolution urging support for Universal Publicly Funded Health Care in Oregon.