Please contact your Oregon state reps and senators and remind them that now is time for people to have the state stop wasting its dollars on outrageous insurance prices and skyrocketing pharmaceutical costs that give poor health results for Oregon. It is time for a universal single payer health system. Everybody In and Nobody Out


Support SB770-A
Health Care for All Oregon Plan

These legislators are signed on as sponsors. Please thank them; if your senator and representative has not signed on yet, please contact them now.  (Find your legislators here). 

Senate Bill 770-A was adopted by the Senate Health Care Committee on 4-8-19; (referred to Senate Ways and Means Committee).

Chief Sponsors: Senator Manning Jr, Dembrow, Beyer, Representative Fahey, Keny-Guyer, Salinas, Williamson   

Sponsors: Senator Burdick, Fagan, Frederick, Golden, Prozanski, Riley, Taylor, Wagner, Representative Alonso Leon, Bynum, Doherty, Gomberg, Gorsek, Helm, Hernandez, Holvey, Marsh, McLain, Meek, Mitchell, Neron, Nosse, Piluso, Power, Prusak, Rayfield, Reardon, Sanchez, Schouten, Smith Warner, Wilde, Witt

There is a proposed amendment 770-A4. Here is one-pager summary of 770-A4.